2017 in Music, Movies, and Reading


I still listen to way too much music.

My Top Albums of 2017

This year was another incredible year in music. Anyone who says otherwise wasn’t listening. Rather than try to rank my favorite albums or what I believe to be the absolute best albums of this year — two endeavors that would be nearly impossible and not worth the toil — I am ranking the top five most impactful albums for me personally in 2017.

Best concerts I saw in 2017:

I’m still going to several concerts a year, and those that I really enjoy are ones with high energy and positive vibes. With that noted, here were my favorite three concerts from this year. I would recommend seeing all of them if given the opportunity.

Favorite Music Videos of 2017

There were SO many good music videos this year. Rather than describe these videos, I’ll let them speak for themselves.

Spotify Stats

I listened to a lot of music on YouTube and Soundcloud this year, so my minutes dropped on Spotify. However, Spotify does really cool stats aggregation at the end of the year, so here are mine:


I love movies. Beyond just discussing in person, this remains the best system for my writing on them. Here are my top three movies this year:


Here are the books I read in 2017, ranked by the score I gave them (via GoodReads):



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