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*ok so music and a little bit more, too

Another year, another review. As part of the tradition, I’m cutting this down further from the previous year to keep it a bit brief. I’m hardly using Medium as a publishing platform these days, but all my previous reviews are still available: 2019, 2018, 2017, and 2016.


This is probably the only real element of popular contemporary culture that I stay really up-to-date on, primarily because of how much I love discovering new sounds. It, therefore, follows that the bulk of this post will be devoted to music.

My Top Albums of 2020

You’ll hear this…

Since the murder of George Floyd by the Minneapolis Police Department, every single state in the US has had a major protest in response. In some of these states, certain towns, cities, and capitals saw an escalation in tactics against the status quo.

With this action, of course, came several waves of reaction. These have included conservative and liberal media alike’s “antifa provocateur” or “outside agitator” claims, despite little evidence beyond vague gesturing from police departments and mayors that have been proven wrong time and time again. Other reactions have included those from GOP lawmakers calling for military force to…

This post is another promised follow-up from a previous piece in an ongoing saga of III% splinters in the past year. Therefore, it is highly recommended that readers of this piece first review of what has preceded it within the movement:

Much has happened since this previous article, but this update seeks to focus on another falling out emanating from the January 20th Virginia gathering anticipated in the previous article. Another article will detail more of this gathering in context with future militia activism, but this one focuses on an important fracture within the movement.

Mike Rage and Tammy Lee…

This post is a follow-up on some of the loose ends of a previous piece on splinters within the III% movement, particularly with regards to the III% Security Force and its affiliated activists and figureheads.

Much has happened since this earlier piece, but this update seeks to focus on the November 9th gathering anticipated in the previous article alongside the politics, uprisings, and fallout surrounding the event. I strongly recommend reading this previous bit of writing before diving into this one.

From a “redress of grievances” on February 23, 2019 (termed “223”) to its March 23 follow-up to a planned…

In year four of a Medium tradition, I’m putting together another review of some of my favorites from this year. I’m cutting down a bit on my emphasis on books this year, as I’m mostly reading stuff from years prior or for school. I’m also going to throw a bit of my own work into this review, too.

You can read previous reviews for 2018, 2017, and 2016, if you’re interested in that little archive. (A random now-defunct medium publication called Applaudience picked up the 2016 review off of a tag search, so that one has a bonus color scheme.)

In Summer 2019, around an environmental bill at the Oregon State House, threats of militia involvement at the State House forced a closure of the session and numerous news articles to boot. So how did this all happen?

This last week, I talked with Jake Hanrahan on the Popular Front podcast about some recent happenings in Oregon. It’s available on the podcast’s Patreon for subscribers, which can be found here. For those who listened to the podcast, this is intended to be a supplement. For those not subscribed, I wanted to provide a quick timeline for the public.

The Context

This all…

This post is a long read on the III% movement, filling in some of the gaps from my original GSFIII piece and in the time since. This will likely be followed by other minor updates, which will be linked at the end of this piece as they are completed.

MilitiaWatch started as a publication here on Medium back in 2016 with a profile of the Georgia Security Force III% (GSFIII), its links to a national movement of militias under the same brand, and some of the ideological underpinnings of these movements. I had been tracking militia activity for a couple…

After a 24-hour Twitter poll, I’m releasing a short series on the topic of militia tourism. The first of these stories will be on some border operations in New Mexico and Arizona and the dramatic politics behind a lot of what’s been happening with some new militia players in the area.

As I have done in 2017 and 2016, I’m throwing together another review of some of my favorite and most impactful music and reading. Unlike years of the past, I’m leaving out movies, since I’m honestly not watching too many current movies these days. So here we go with my 2018 in review:


2018 was a phenomenal year in music so this one was a hard category. Here’s a stab at it.

My Top Albums of 2018

I’m listing 5 top albums as my favorites of this year, which are albums that were impactful to me and just really solid music experiences.

5. Snail Mail…

Hampton Stall

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